Absent Bidding

If you cannot attend the auction, we will be happy to bid on your behalf.

You should let us know the maximum price you are prepared to pay for the item in question. We will then bid for you and buy the goods for the lowest price possible, subject to the progress of bidding in the sale room

We do not charge for this service, but cannot accept any responsibility for failure to follow your bidding instructions.

We cannot accept verbal instructions from absent bidders. Please email, deliver, ,  or fax your bids (01204365911)

email for absent bids:  absent@realnorth.co.uk

Please make sure that we have your full name, address & daytime telephone number

If you are bidding for a an item of which we are offering a quantity, please make sure that we know how many of that item you wish to buy

If you would like to place an absent bid please email: absent@realnorth.co.uk

Please make sure that we have your name , telephone number& email address Alternatively, please feel free to send it to us by either:- FAX or post

Some points concerning absent bids:

We will waive the £40.00 bidders deposit for Absent Bids, but you must provide us with a daytime telephone number upon which we can contact you on the day of the auction

If there is any amendment to the description of a lot between the publishing of the catalogue and the day of the sale, any absent bids placed upon that item will be ignored unless the bidder has clearly indicated that they are aware of the amendment.

If you are bidding for a lot which is detailed in our supplement, please mark your bid to show this

If you are bidding for one of a range of identical items, please make a clear note to indicate whether you wish to buy one or more of those items

For Bidders attending the auction

Please note that you will be required to produce photographic evidence of your identification and address at your first registration and that we require a £40.00 refundable deposit for each auction you attend. This deposit will be refunded if you do not buy anything or will be deducted from your auction invoice.

We no longer accept payment by cheque. Your deposit must be paid in cash or by bank transfer.

Please remember that we operate VAT inclusive pricing. This means that we do not add VAT to our auction prices. However, we do charge a 10% Buyer's premium, which is subject to VAT. This means that if you bid for and buy a lot for £100 exactly, you will be charged an extra £10.00 plus VAT (£2.00) for the item giving a gross price of £112.00 Your final invoice will detail the amount of VAT charged on the lot(s) you have purchased.

We require full payment of all outstanding invoices within 3 days of the auction (Close of business on Wednesday after a Monday auction) and you will be responsible for collecting or arranging collection of any lots you have purchased from our premises