Secure Disposal or Redundant Equipment

You will have seen that this site is  aimed at potentitial buyers of the products - either within the educational and voluntary sector or by commercial sale.

We source the equipment we offer from a range of Public & Private Sector organisations including government departments and agencies, NHS bodies, financial institutions etc

We offer Best Value/Best Practice service with firm undertakings on client confidentiality, data security and responsible waste management.

Our clients are almost always able to prove rates of re-use & recycling of their redundant equipment in excess of 95%

We hold a range of certifications and accreditations and are registered with the Environment Agency as both carriers and processors of ICT WEEE.

We provide a comprehensive, secure, auditable collection, processing and disposal service and provide  detailed proposals based up the client's requirement.

We operate a separate secure domain for the use of supplier clients which can be accessed by a link that we will forward to you in response to an email from suitable bodies. Please use this link: